Question: When was Sahara removed from Indian Jersey?

Why do Indians have Sahara on their jerseys?

Sahara India Pariwar has always been considered as one of India’s top sports facilitators who have instilled the feelings of patriotism and nationalism among the masses. According to Subrata Roy Sahara, it is of utmost importance to promote our sportsmen religiously, since sports are an integral part of society.

Does Sahara still sponsor Indian cricket team?

NEW DELHI: In a surprise development, the Indian cricket team’s longtime sponsor Sahara India today ended financial ties with the BCCI and also pulled out of the IPL by withdrawing from Pune Warriors’ ownership just hours before the players’ auction.

Did Cricket invent India?

Cricket was introduced to North America via the English colonies as early as the 17th century, and in the 18th century it arrived in other parts of the globe. It was introduced to the West Indies by colonists and to India by British East India Company mariners.

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