Question: Is the Indian Plate oceanic or continental?

Is the Indian and Eurasian Plate oceanic or continental?

Examples of continent-continent convergent boundaries are the collision of the India Plate with the Eurasian Plate, creating the Himalaya Mountains, and the collision of the African Plate with the Eurasian Plate, creating the series of ranges extending from the Alps in Europe to the Zagros Mountains in Iran.

Is Indo Australian plate oceanic plate or continental plate?

The Indo-Australian Plate is a combination tectonic plate, including areas of continental plate and areas of oceanic plate.

Is Arabian plate oceanic or continental?

The Arabian plate is a continental plate and has an area of 5,000,000 km 2 .

Is the South American plate oceanic or continental?

two of these plates—the continental South American Plate and the oceanic Nazca Plate—gave rise to the orogenic (mountain-building) activity that produced the Andes.

Is the Indian plate subducting?

Geological investigations in the Himalayas have revealed evidence that when India and Asia collided some 90 million years ago, the continental crust of the Indian tectonic plate was forced down under the Asian plate, sinking down into the Earth’s mantle to a depth of at least 200 km kilometres.

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