Is there any national vegetable in India?

Is Meetha Kaddu national vegetable of India?

Explanation: Kaddu, Also called Indian Pumpkin is The Most Popular And Consider As A National Vegetable in India. The most common Curried dish is called ‘Meetha Kaddu’ sweet Pumpkin dry Curry.

Which vegetable is consumed most in India?


  • We all know there’s no dish complete without flavours and taste of onion in it.
  • Not only does it rank 1st as the most consumed vegetable in the country, but also India is the 2nd largest producer and exporter of onion all over the world.
  • Onion can also be consumed in its raw form and comes with various benefits.

Is pumpkin native to India?

Pumpkins aren’t indigenous to India but have had a long history here. From rhymes to cuisines, from rituals to superstitions, we have seen pumpkins in all.

What is our national Sabji?

The national vegetable of India is the Indian pumpkin.

Who is the king of vegetables?

Answer: Brinjal

Within the brinjal, the beautifully rich and glossy purple layer and the meaty yet high nutritional white allowed it to earn the title of the King of Vegetables. Brinjal is a member of the nightshade, which means that the fruit along with the flower of the plant is edible.

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Which vegetable is of Indian origin?

Vegetable origins

Vegetable Hindi name Notes
Cauliflower Phool Gobhi
Chili pepper Mirch india
Coriander Dhaniya Mentioned in ancient Egypt
Brinjal Baingan

Which fruit is most grown in India?

India’s Fruits Production

  • India is top producer in the world in Mango, Banana & Papaya. (FAO 2009)
  • The largest area in India is under Mango production, followed by Citrus and Banana.
  • The Largest Production in India is of Banana followed by Mango.

Is Petha and pumpkin same?

Petha is known to be made from ash gourd vegetable, also known as winter melon or white pumpkin. Petha is of rectangular or cylindrical shape and loved by kids and adults alike.