Is Mumbai livable city?

Is Mumbai a liveable city?

A report released by the Centre for Science and Environment has revealed that state capitals are among India’s most livable cities. … According to the Ease of Living Index 2020, Delhi ranked as the worst capital preceded by Bengaluru, Chennai, Shimla, Bhubaneswar, and Mumbai.

What are the top 10 livable cities in India?

Top 10 livable cities with population over 1 million in 2020:

  • Bengaluru 66.70.
  • Pune 66.27.
  • Ahmedabad 64.87.
  • Chennai 62.61.
  • Surat 61.73.
  • Navi Mumbai 61.60.
  • Coimbatore 59.72.
  • Vadodara 59.24.

Why is Mumbai a well connected city?

Mumbai remains the most well-connected city in India due to transportation. Reasons is owing to its trains, Mumbai has one of the strongest, most well connected and convenient railways in the world. … With Metros, highways, link roads and sea links this city is truly accessible making Mumbai livable.

Why Mumbai is a bad city?

Mumbai is a very annoying place. Crowded beyond belief, everyone is in a hurry and everything is in a mess. The houses are too small and the rent is too much, and as for property, don’t even think about it!

Is it good to live in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a city which can give you the best living experience. It has every amenity and facility to help you lead a peaceful life. If you wish to buy a house in some city, then you should definitely add Mumbai to the list.

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Where is the best quality of life in India?

By City in India

Rank City Quality of Life Index
1 Mangalore 151.10
2 Bangalore 126.67
3 Coimbatore 123.06
4 Pune 118.70

Which city is best to live in Maharashtra?

Education hub Pune has emerged as the best city to live in the country. As per the ‘Ease of Living Index 2018’ survey by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) Pune came on top of the list that ranked 111 cities in the country.