Is Hakka Chinese or Indian?

Is Hakka from India?

So what the heck is Hakka? … People in India (and subsequently Canada, where many of the Indian-Hakka have emigrated to) associate Hakka food as being Chinese food with the use of Indian spices with dishes like Chilli Chicken.

Is Hakka a Chinese language?

Hakka dialect is a branch of Chinese dialects, mainly distributed in eastern Guangdong, southern Fujian, western Yunnan, emigrated areas, and overseas countries including Southeast Asia. The number of users is between 40 million and 50 million, and about half of them are concentrated in Guangdong.

Is Hakka Cantonese?

Both Hakka and Cantonese are defined as ”Chinese dialects” in China. Before Hong Kong developed into a metropolis, Hakka was the most wide- spread language spoken by the indigenous inhabitants in the rural area.

Where is Hakka spoken?

Hakka language, Chinese language spoken by considerably fewer than the estimated 80 million Hakka people living mainly in eastern and northern Guangdong province but also in Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, and Sichuan provinces.

How do you say hello in Hakka?

A collection of useful phrases in Hakka.

Useful Hakka phrases.

English 客家話 (Hakka)
Hello (General greeting) 你好 (ngi2 ho3) 你好冇? (ngi2 ho3 mo?)
Hello (on phone) 噯(oi)
How are you? 你好冇? (ngi2 ho3 mo?)

Is Hakka and Hokkien the same?

What’s the difference between Hakka and Hokkien? … They both belong to the Han people, and there are a lot of Hakka who can speak Hokkien. Therefore they are likely to be mistaken as Hokkien. However, the Hakka people have their own distinguishing culture.

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