Is E Pass required for domestic flights in India?

Is ePass required for domestic flights in India?

Is ePass required for air travel? Following the lockdown 2.0 de-escalation that allows domestic flights to resume services, the government has made it mandatory for travellers to obtain an ePass for interstate travel.

Do we need ePass for domestic flights?

Recently, the government released the official standard operating procedure for flights on Sunday. … Passengers are required to register their details online and obtain an epass for travelling through the government portal.

Is RT-PCR required at Delhi airport?

Each state has issued specific guidelines for the Covid-19 protocol. No quarantine is required for passengers arriving with a negative RT PCR certificate provided the test is conducted within the stipulated period from the date of journey.

Is RT-PCR required for Goa by flight?

Goa travel update: No RT PCR required for fully vaccinated tourists to enter the state. … However, kids above two years will have to come with their negative PCR report. Symptomatic children below two years will have to carry a PCR report. Also the government of Goa has extended the COVID-19 curfew till 6 September.

How do I get an e Pass? E Pass Login – Apply Online UP e-Pass status link

  1. E Pass.
  2. UP E Pass Apply Online.
  3. UP E Pass registration form.
  4. UP E Pass Status Check.
  5. Districts Available of UP e-Pass.
  6. UP E Pass helpline numbers.
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Is RT-PCR required for domestic flights?

It is mandatory for passengers arriving from ANY state to carry a RT-PCR/TRUENAT negative report from ICMR approved lab not earlier than 72 hours. RT-PCR timeline starts from the swab collection time.

Why is Epass required?

Covid Epass for Travel

For a swift interstate movement, a Covid e-pass or a movement pass is mandatory. The Covid e-pass acts as a legal document providing permission to cross state borders under special circumstances. Travelling without a valid Covid e-pass or misusing the e-pass can lead to severe consequences.

Do we need RT PCR test for domestic flights in India?

All passengers undergoing RT-PCR test on arrival shall be required to undergo 7 days home or paid quarantine as designated by the authorities on arrival regardless of their result. All passengers in possession of Final Vaccination Certificate are exempted from RAT test and Quarantine.

Does Goa airport require Covid test?

COVID Test is not required Thermal screening will be done for all passengers upon arrival Quarantine International Passengers: 07 days of Ins tu onal Quaran ne at Government facility at no charge or paid quaran ne at designated hotels.