In which state South West monsoon enter first in India?

Where does South West monsoon enter India?

The South-West monsoon has entered parts of South-West Bay of Bengal, most parts of South-East Bay of Bengal, the South Andaman Sea and Nicobar Islands and some parts of North Andaman Sea on Friday. This corresponds with the normal time of arrival over the South-East Bay and the South Andaman Sea.

What is the first state to welcome the monsoon winds?

Detailed Solution. Kerala is the first state of India to receive rainfall by the southwest monsoon. Rainfall received from the southwest monsoons is seasonal, which occurs between June and September.

In which state of India southwest monsoon enter first Kerala Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Tamil Nadu?

Answer: Your answer is (a)Kerala .

On which date the South-West monsoon enters Uttar Pradesh?

On June 5, the MET department said that the monsoon would advance into remaining parts of West Uttar Pradesh, some more parts of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan and Delhi around July 10.

In which month South-West monsoon enters Punjab?

The south-west monsoon generally arrives in the first week of July and continues up to the end of August. About 70% of the rainfall in the district is received during the period from June to September and as much as about 18% rainfall occurs during the period from December to February.

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What is South West monsoon?

Southwest Monsoon period is the principal rainy season for the Indian subcontinent. This is the summer monsoon period where the southwest monsoon holds away over the country. The whole country receives nearly 75% of its rainfall during this period.

Which state in India is the first to experience the onset of the monsoon and last to see it retreat?

Kerala is the first state to experience the onset of the monsoon.