In which month maize is grown in India?

In which month does maize grow?

It is a Kharif crop and thus it grows best in the rainy season. In India, the rainy season starts in the month of June and ends in the month of September. Thus, maize is grown from June to September in India.

In which month maize is sown in India?

Since maize requires a good amount of rainfall followed by a healthy spell of sunshine, it is a kharif crop. Sowing is done generally during June and July months. However, it is also sown during the months of January- February and September – October.

What season and month does maize grow?

Maize can be grown in all seasons viz; Kharif (monsoon), post monsoon, Rabi (winter) and spring. … During Kharif season it is desirable to complete the sowing operation 12-15 days before the onset of monsoon. However, in rainfed areas, the sowing time should be coincided with onset of monsoon.

In what climate does maize grow?

It is a crop of semi-arid climate and is used both as food and fodder. A temperature of 21°C- 27°C and 50-100cm rainfall is suitable for its cultivation. Alternate spells of rains and sunny weather are ideal for maize. It is a Kharif Crop but in some states like Bihar, it is grown in the rabi season also.

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In which state maize is also grown in Rabi season?

Rabi maize is generally sown in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the end of October to mid-November. Both the spring and the rabi crops are raised, more or less, under irrigation. India is the fifth largest producer of maize in the world contributing 2% of the global production.

Is maize annual crop?

India’s annual maize production varies between 20-22 million tonnes, of which around 63-64% is used as feed meal and 16% for industrial purposes like starch and alcohol makers while the remaining is sold in the open market. … It is grown both during the kharif and rabi seasons.

How is maize grown?

Maize is sown in rows, 60-75 cm apart, whereas the plants in the row are spaced at 20 to 25 cm. A population of 60-75 thousand plants per hectare at harvest are required for obtaining the optimum yield. Sowing in rows is generally done with drill or by dropping the seed behind the plough.

Where does maize grow?

Accordingly, maize—from the Arawak mahiz —is grown in diverse regions and climates, from 58 degrees north latitude in Canada and Russia to 40 degrees south latitude in South America. Maize cultivation and processing are driven by the production of food and livestock feed, fermentation, and raw materials for industry.