How much pork does India export?

Who is the largest exporter of pork?

All 85 countries that exported pork in 2020 are listed in the following database.

Rank Exporter 2019-20
1. Spain +25.9%
2. United States +14.7%
3. Germany -5.8%
4. Canada +21.6%

What is India’s #1 export?

Searchable List of India’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Indian Export Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Processed petroleum oils $26,174,665,000
2 Medication mixes in dosage $16,635,015,000
3 Diamonds (unmounted/unset) $15,213,101,000
4 Rice $7,980,028,000

Does India import pork?

Indian pork imports consist almost entirely of processed products. A small portion of these imports include imports of high quality frozen pork meat. 1.8. 3 In recent years, the major suppliers of pork to India have been Belgium, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, according to FAS.

Is pork sold in India?

The majority of the pig population in India is distributed along the central and north-eastern belt of the country. … Most of the pork consumption is limited to north-eastern states like Assam and Nagaland. Consequently, the north-eastern region also ranks high in pork production volume.

Does India export pork meat?

In FY 2019-20, a fiscal largely unscathed by Covid pandemic, India exported pork worth $1.67 million, with Bhutan and Nepal being two key export destinations, according to commerce department’s data.

What does India export to Canada?

The main items exported by India to Canada are Jewellery, Cotton yarn, Organic chemicals, Coffee, Spices, Iron and steel articles, Textiles, Carpets, Floor spreads, processed foods, Marine products, Footwear, Readymade garments, Rice, cereals etc.

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What are the top 3 imports of India?

India main imports are: mineral fuels, oils and waxes and bituminous substances (27 percent of total imports); pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and jewelry (14 percent); electrical machinery and equipment (10 percent); nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances (8 percent); and organic …