How many religions are there in Indian Army?

Which religion is most in Indian Army?

In composition, India’s secular army remains largely Hindu and to an extent Sikh. It does not reflect the rich diversity and plurality of Indian society.

How many Hindu army are there in India?


Indian Armed Forces
Indian Army 1,237,117 960,000
Indian Navy 67,228 55,000
Indian Air Force 139,576 140,000
Indian Coast Guard 11,000

How many religious India have?

% 2011

Religious group Population (2011) % Sex ratio (2011) (child)
Hinduism 79.80% 913
Islam 14.23% 943
Christianity 2.30% 958
Sikhism 1.72% 828

What is the percentage of Sikh in Indian Army?

In the Indian and British armies

According to a 1994 estimate, Punjabis (Sikhs and non-Sikhs) comprised 10 to 15% of all ranks in the Indian Army.

Is BSF part of Indian Army?

They are not connected with Indian Army except duty sharing is some circumstances. Central Armed Police Forces like BSF, CRPF, ITBP, CISF and SSB headed by IPS officers which are rank of Director-General (DG). These forces are not headed by military officers and hence not comes under military forces.

Is India a Hindu country?

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world behind Christianity and Islam. Presently, India and Nepal are the two Hindu majority countries. Most Hindus are found in Asian countries.

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