How many houses are there in Mumbai?

How many houses are empty in Mumbai?

Mumbai alone accounts for nearly one third of this unsold inventory. Property consultants Anarock estimates that over 2,16,603 houses, mainly targeted at the higher income group, in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region remained unsold in 2019 out of the total 6.48 lakhs of unsold houses across India’s top seven cities.

How many houses are in India?

Nearly 99 million of the 187 million houses are of Permanent category, 58 million semi-permanent and 35 million temporary.


No. of households (In million) Percentage
Total number of households 192 100.0
Concrete 38 19.8
Tiles 63 32.6

How much does a house in Mumbai cost?

List of posh areas in Mumbai

Area Average property price (per sq ft) Average rent per month
Cuffe Parade Rs 48,750 Rs 3 lakhs
Tardeo Rs 47,786 Rs 2.5 lakhs
Juhu Rs 44,442 Rs 1.75 lakhs
Bandra west Rs 42,691 Rs 95,000

Why is rent so high in Mumbai?

A combination of factors such as distance from the prime South city centres to the suburbs, coupled with lack of robust infrastructure connecting these places, has led to prices surging in the prime city centres and the immediate peripheries such as Prime North (Bandra-Juhu) and South Central (Byculla-Chembur).

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How many flats are there in Mumbai?

Existing housing stock in the city consists of housing for residential or mixed use (26,56,920 units) and vacant houses (4,79,842 units). Total housing stock, therefore, amounts to 31,36,762 units. The census reports that out of 26 lakh families, 8,561 households are homeless.

How many families live in India?

List of countries by number of households

Country Continent Number In Household
China Asia 3.00
India Asia 4.57
United States North America 2.49
Indonesia Asia 3.86

What is an Indian house called?

Native Americans used a wide variety of homes, the most well-known ones are: Longhouses, Wigwams, Tipis, Chickees, Adobe Houses, Igloos, Grass Houses and Wattle and Daub houses.

Is 20 lakhs good salary in Mumbai?

Think again, unless your annual take-home salary is at least Rs 20 lakh per annum. … That is the minimum you must earn if you want even a modest home in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), shows a recent research by Liases Foras, a real estate rating and research firm.

Why Mumbai is so costly?

Apart from that, Mumbai is actually cheaper for food and transport compared to other Indian metro cities. … The major reason why Mumbai is expensive is due to the high land costs. Residential and commercial spaces in Mumbai come at a high price.