How many gates are in New Delhi railway station?

How many gates are there in Delhi railway station?

“Delhi Metro is already facilitating passenger entry at all its stations through 260 gates. These 16 are in addition to the already operational gates,” a DMRC spokesperson said.

Which gate is open of New Delhi railway station?

KNow about open Entry gates

Line No. & Name Station Name Nearby Landmark to the gate to be kept open
Line-2 (Yellow Line) CHAWARI BAZAR Ajmeri Gate
Line-2 (Yellow Line) NEW DELHI New Delhi Railway station main exit, Ajmeri Gate side
Palika Bazar

How many platforms are there in Delhi Metro station?

New Delhi metro station

New Delhi
Line(s) Yellow Line Airport Express
Platforms Island platform Platform-1 →HUDA City Centre Platform-2 →Samaypur Badli Platform-3 → Dwarka Sector 21 Platform-4 → Dwarka Sector 21
Tracks 4

How many trains are in Delhi?

New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) Situated between Paharganj and Ajmeri Gate, the New Delhi Railway Station is the capital city’s prime railway site and one of the most active stations with a major influx of approximately 500,000 passengers and 400 trains.

How many gates are there in Kashmiri Gate Metro station?

Answer: As per our records there are 7 gates are available on Kashmere Gate metro Station.

Kashmere Gate Metro Fare & Timing.

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Metro Route Distance Fare
Kashmere Gate to Shastri Park Metro Fare & Route 5.5 km Rs. 20

Who owns New Delhi station?

New Delhi railway station

New Delhi
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Northern Railways
Line(s) 5
Platforms 16

Who owned the New Delhi railway station?

Delhi Junction railway station

Delhi Junction
Coordinates 28°39′40″N 77°13′40″ECoordinates: 28°39′40″N 77°13′40″E
Elevation 218.760 metres (717.72 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Northern Railways