How long will Indian sandstone last?

Does Indian sandstone last?

Does sandstone break? You can break sandstone, which makes it easy to install. However, once laid, sandstone’s high durability over the years makes it a better choice for commercial hard landscaping projects than a man-made substance like concrete.

Does Indian sandstone scratch easily?

It is relatively soft and may get minor surface scratches either during installation or from daily wear and tear. If your sandstone floor has become scratched, it is possible to both remove the slightly deeper scratches and hide the lighter ones.

How long does sandstone paving last?

Because these lighter variations take in a little more water, they may require extra cleaning or sealant application, although the difference is minimal. Both can withstand tough weathering, and all our limestone and sandstone paving is guaranteed for 12 months, so in the unlikely event of any problems, you’re covered.

How long will a stone patio last?

The wooden patio has the least durability. The concrete patio has a bit longer lifespan. High-quality stone craft is lasting more than a quarter of a century (25 years) and sustain without much maintenance.

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Can you lay Indian sandstone on sharp sand?

Lay the Indian Stone Paving slabs on a full mortar bed, which should support the whole slab, and not just the corners. … To create the mortar mix, use 6 parts sharp sand to 1 part cement and mix together with just enough water to make it damp and workable, but not overly wet and runny.

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Is Indian sandstone frost resistant?

Frost resistance

All sandstone sold by Marshalls is frost resistant, which means the impact of a harsh winter will be minimal. Make sure you ask your retailer how a stone performs in a cold climate to avoid disappointment when you head back out into the garden come Spring.