How is long coastline of India beneficial for its economy?

How is long coastline beneficial for India?

The long coastline of India helps it to give India a prominent position in the Indian Ocean. It gives an advantage to India for larger no. of sea routes for imports and exports. Also it gives India the two seas; the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea.

What are the economic advantages of having a coastline?

The high concentration of people in coastal regions has produced many economic benefits, including improved transportation links, industrial and urban development, revenue from tourism, and food production.

What is the importance of a long coastline?

long coastline have helped in its interaction through the sea. The sea routes passing through the ocean provide easy connectivity to India with the West and the East.

What is the advantage of a long coastline Class 4?

1. long coastline helps ports to grow . 2 . Transport via sea route is a good option for the people in some areas.

How has the long coastline been beneficial to India mention any four points?

of sea routes for imports and exports. it helps in development and growth of pisciculture. It gives space for larger ports. Also it gives India the two seas; the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea.

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How has the long coastline been beneficial to India illustrate your answer by explaining three suitable points?

India’s long coastline has facilitated India to sustain connections through sea. To facilitate trade through sea, India has developed many ports on its Eastern and Western Coast. Easy connectivity in West and East coasts because of the sea paths passing through Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

What are the two benefits of the coastline of India?

So, India having a large coastline gives way to a number of sea transports. It implies a low cost of imports and exports. Southwest monsoon in India that is brought by the Indian ocean helps in thriving agriculture. Access to the Indian Ocean helps India to facilitate one of the largest fishing industry in the world.

What are the benefits of coastal sustainable development?

The main positive economic impacts of sustainable (coastal) tourism are: contributions to government revenues, foreign exchange earnings, generation of employment and business opportunities.

What is the importance of coastal location of India?

Maritime Trade :This vast coastline and access to Indian Ocean allows India to trade with the most parts of the World. Tourism :A long coastline implies good tourism potential for several states of India like Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A variety of beaches are found in India.