How do you play the Red Indians game?

How to play hand guessing?

The two teams, one “hiding” and one “guessing,” sit opposite one another; two members of the “hiding” team take a pair of bones and hide them, one in each hand, while the team sings, and uses traditional instruments (drums, sticks, rattles, clappers), and attempts to distract the “guessing” team.

What is stick games?

The objective of the game is to successfully hide your “bones” from the “guesses” of the other team, causing the other team to lose a “stick” with each wrong guess, eventually resulting in your team winning all the sticks and the game. You win when you can trick and hide your bones from your opponent.

What games did the Mojave Tribe play?

The Mohave knew nothing of lacrosse, but clung to simple shinny; played with a small block or ball and plain curved sticks. With these they played as our boys play shinny or hockey on the ice.

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