How did Nirav Modi left India?

How did Nirav Modi flee India?

Nirav Modi, 49, is a diamond merchant who is facing charges of fraud and money laundering in India in connection with the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam of approximately $1.5 billion. Nirav Modi fled India when the PNB scam was unearthed, and a multi-agency probe began.

Did Nirav Modi sell fake diamonds?

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, Nirav allegedly sold fake diamond rings to a Canadian national for US$200,000. … Later, he again bought a 2.5 carat oval diamond for US$80,000 from Modi. Alfonso then used these rings to propose his girlfriend.

Who is Neelam Modi?

Modi is the founder of Firestar Diamond, which claimed to have more than $2 billion in sales. He later launched his own Nirav Modi Brand with 14 stores in such locations as Mumbai, Hong Kong, London, Macau and New York.

Is Nirav Modi related to Ambani?

Nirav’s half-brother Neeshal married Mukesh and Anil Ambani’s niece Isheta (she is their Goa-based sister Dipti Salgaocar and Raj’s daughter). … The Modis’ Ambani connection runs to business as well. Nirav Modi’s chief financial officer is Vipul Ambani. Vipul is the son of Dhirubhai’s youngest brother Natubhai Ambani.

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