How can I export live animals from India?

Can livestock be exported from India?

The export of Animal Products includes Buffalo meat, Sheep/ Goat meat, Poultry products, Animal Casings, Milk and Milk products and Honey etc. India’s exports of Animal Products was Rs. 27,155.56 Crores/ 3,670.24 USD Millions in , which include the major products like Buffalo Meat (Rs.

How do you export a live animal?

If you are exporting any live animal(s) you should make your application for an Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate ITAHC via completing the TRACES application form and submitting it to your Authorised Private Veterinary Practitioner (aPVP) and they will progress this export for you.

Can I import goats in India?

POST IMPORT REQUIREMENTS: 1. On arrival in India the consignment and the documents will be examined by the Regional Officer/ Quarantine Officer. … The goat shall be kept under quarantine in Government Quarantine premises for a period of 30 days.

How can I import animals from India?

A Sanitary Import Permit is not a licence, but a certificate certifying India’s sanitary requirements. Imports of animal and animal products are only allowed through sea ports/ air ports of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai where animal quarantine and certification services are available.

Does India export goat meat?

India Facts and Figures :

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The country is largest exporters of Sheep & Goat meat to the world. The country has exported 7,050.55 MT of sheep & goat meat to the world for the worth of Rs. 329.96 Crores/ 44.57 USD Millions during the year 2020-21.

Can we export live goat from India?

To which country does India export the highest percentage of Live Goat? United Arab Emirates is the largest buyer of Live Goat exported from India. India exports almost 128889 quantity of Live Goat to United Arab Emirates.

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Year Value (USD Million)
2017 50.16
2018 34.8
2019 22.7
2020 3.54

Can I take my pet overseas?

If you need to fly an animal overseas, the procedures are the same for all airlines. You will generally have to book your pet’s crate through to your destination as cargo, instead of checked baggage. … You can only take pets on your flights as checked baggage if you’re flying domestically.

How do I export my pets?

Exporting Pets

Within 7 days of export, dogs and cats will need a health certificate from their vet as well as an Animal Health Certificate from the Animal Quarantine and Certification Service as well as all documentation required for their destination country. 12.

Are live animal exports banned?

On live exports, the statement confirms that cattle, sheep, goats and pigs will be banned from being shipped from England, Wales and Scotland for slaughter or fattening. The original intention was that “fattening” should mean an animal that is slaughtered within six months of arrival, but this has now been dropped.

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