How can I email the Indian embassy in USA?

How can I contact Indian Embassy in USA?

For any emergency Visa services, please contact cell number +1-202-258-8819.

How can I get in touch with Indian embassy?

For any queries on Miscellaneous services, use the links provided at contact us page. Consulate can also be contacted at Tel: (415) 668-0662 (between 14:00-16:00 hrs on weekdays). In case the phone lines are busy please send an email to get a response.

How do I email the US Embassy?

For information about American Citizen Services (U.S. passport renewals, registering the birth of a child, etc.), please visit the following web page; E-mail: If you are an American citizen with an emergency, please call (+92) 051-201-4000 .

Is Indian embassy issuing visa?

The Government of India has restored most visas, which had been suspended earlier, except Tourist Visas (e-Tourist and regular Tourist Visa) issued before 6 October 2021 and e-Visas of all other types issued before 30 March, 2021.

How do you write a letter to an embassy asking for a visa?

I am writing on behalf of [Applicant’s full name] who resides at [Applicant’s address] requesting that you issue him/her a tourist (B-2) visa. [Applicant’s name] is my [Describe relationship; i.e. father, sister, friend] and I would like for him/her to visit me in the United States.

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How can I work for Indian Embassy in USA?

Required qualifications and skill set:

  1. Bachelor degree from an accredited University;
  2. Sound knowledge of computer skills, especially MS Office;
  3. Work experience of at least one year in the field of tourism, hotel and aviation;
  4. Proficiency in English;
  5. Good writing, communication skills and social media skills.

How do I contact VFS in USA?

Contact us

  1. Contact us by phone: +1 347-329-2738.
  2. Contact us by email:
  3. Share feedback.

What does Indian Embassy mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian embassy may refer to: List of diplomatic missions of India. List of diplomatic missions in India.