How can I collect money from India?

How can I receive money from India to Nigeria?

How to send money to Nigeria in 3 easy steps

  1. Start your transfer. Pay in INR with your debit card or credit card, or send the money from your online banking.
  2. Get the best rate out there. Wise always gives you the real and fair mid-market exchange rate.
  3. Money is locally delivered.

How can I receive money from outside India?

The only legal way to receive money in India (for personal transactions) would be by way of “Wire Transfer” via bank account. The sender abroad must initiate an international “Wire Transfer” from their bank account to your bank account in India.

How can I receive money from India to Kenya via mpesa?

How to receive transfers from INR to KES in Kenya?

  1. Deposit KES directly into a bank account.
  2. Enable the recipient to pick up cash a specific locations across Kenya.
  3. Deliver money directly to their door.
  4. Send KES to your recipient’s mobile wallet.

How can I get money from India to Philippines?

Send Money from India to Philippines

  1. Book Online. Compare bids from your nearest exchange houses & banks and book online.
  2. Verify KYC. Get the required KYC documents verified at home or at the nearest branch.
  3. Transfer Funds. Transfer the funds to the exchange house/bank’s account as NEFT/RTGS.
  4. Get Credit!
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Is PayPal available in India?

The PayPal wallet feature is not available in India for personal use. However, as an individual, you can use PayPal to make a purchase with the sellers that use PayPal globally and through the PayPal mall for goods or services.

Can I receive money from India through Western Union?

Western Union in India. Western Union transacts business in India through a network of more than 50, 000 agents. … Money can only be received in India from any other country. Secondly, the Indian Government regulations prohibit businesses from utilizing the money transfer services provided by Western Union.

Is it legal to receive money from overseas in India?

All governments welcome funds from foreign countries as it bolsters the economy. India has not sent any limits on receiving funds from abroad. However, the foreign country you are in might have regulations that limit the amount of money you can send abroad. These regulations differ from country to country.

Can I receive money from abroad in my bank account?

You can receive money from overseas directly into your bank account, using an international money transfer service. You’ll need to provide your bank details so the sender can set up an online account with the international money transfer provider and exchange the money into your desired currency.

How can I receive money from foreign country?

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  1. PayPal. PayPal has long been in the global money transfers market. …
  2. Instamojo. …
  3. Xoom. …
  4. SBI. …
  5. HDFC bank. …
  6. ICICI bank. …
  7. Axis bank.
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Is M-Pesa available in India?

Currently M-Pesa services are available pan India. Vodafone customers can directly dial 55400 and non–Vodafone customers can dial 1800 123 55400 (toll free) from any non-Vodafone number 24/7 for any issues.

Is M-Pesa an Indian?

M-Pesa has established itself globally as one of the most successful mobile micro-finance and money transfer services. … Similar to the services provided worldwide, M-Pesa in India allows for money transfer, deposit/withdrawal of money, along with bill payment.

How do I activate Vodacom M-Pesa?

How do I open a M-PESA account?

  1. Dial *150*00# ok.
  2. Select 1 Activate or 2 Wezesha.
  3. Enter start key PIN.
  4. Enter new PIN.
  5. Re-enter new PIN.
  6. Enter date of birth.