How can I book a parcel in Indian Railways?

Can we book railway parcel online?

Parcel booking is normally allowed in all passenger trains. Besides there are a number of Parcel Special trains also comprising only of Parcel Vans, whose details are available on the Railways website.

How can I get parcel bag in train?

You may simply go to the parcel office near your railway station. First, fill the parcel booking form and fulfill other formalities. Then leave your luggage at the parcel office. To book luggage you should bring with you at parcel office any ID proof issued by the Government and train ticket.

How can I send goods by train?

Indemnity Bond.

  1. Step # 1. To Make a Choice between a Goods Train and a Passenger Train:
  2. Step # 2. Packing and Marking:
  3. Step # 3. Sending the Goods to the Railway Station:
  4. Step # 4. Consignment or Forwarding Note:
  5. Step # 5. Booking the Goods and Obtaining the Railway Receipt:
  6. Step # 6. …
  7. Step # 7. …
  8. Step # 8.

How can I book my luggage in Indian Railways?

Luggage which is required to travel by the same train with the owner should be presented at the luggage office of the booking station at least 30 minutes before the advertised departure time of the train . Passengers booking their accommodation in advance are permitted to book their luggage in advance at the same time.

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Is it safe to parcel bike in train?

Make sure your bike is taken to the right platform and loaded in the train you travel. After you reach the destination station, go the luggage office, submit the luggage receipt and endorsement of your ticket. The office authorities will provide a delivery or dispatch receipt.

What is the difference between luggage and parcel?

As nouns the difference between luggage and parcel

is that luggage is the bags and other containers that hold a traveller’s belongings while parcel is a package wrapped for shipment.

What is the parcel charges in train?

Parcel Rates Scale – Luggage

Distance slabs (Kilometres) 51 – 60 Kgs Rs.
1 50 28.35
51 60 30.38
61 70 32.4
71 80 34.43

How much luggage can carry in train?

Here are the key things to know about luggage rules of Indian Railways:

Class Free Allowance Maximum quantity permitted (including free allowance)
AC First Class 70 Kgs 150 Kgs
AC 2-Tier sleeper/First class 50 Kgs 100 Kgs
AC 3-tier sleeper/AC chair car 40 Kgs 40 Kgs
Sleeper class 40 Kgs 80 Kgs

Can I carry AC in train?

Trunks, suitcase and boxes having outside measurement of 100 cms. x 60 cms x 25 cms (length x breadth x height) is allowed to be carried in the passenger compartments as personal luggage. … Maximum size of the trunks/suitcase than can be carried in the AC-3 tier and AC chair car compartment is 55 cmsx45 cms x 22.5 cms.

How can I parcel my luggage?

Go to the parcel office and present your booking receipt and they will transport your luggage to the platform for you. They will also load your luggage when train is ready. On reaching the destination you would need to “run” to the parcel office and present your receipt and they will then offload your luggage.

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How do you courier a suitcase?

How to shipping your luggage to India?

  1. Relax. Travel light and receive your luggage to your desired address in India.
  2. Book online. Find the best price and book in a few minutes a shipping to India.
  3. We send. We pick up your package at your door and ship it directly to India.
  4. Relax. …
  5. Book online. …
  6. We send. …
  7. Relax.

Can we carry rabbit in train in India?

@Anurag_Tiwari6 As per railways rule you can’t Carry pet with you in same coach. you have to book ticket for your pet. For them other coach available in train. Yes you can carry your pet rabbit with you in 1 AC but with mutual understanding of fellow passenger.