Frequent question: Who was Minnesota’s first Indian agent?

Who was the fur trader who helped trick the Dakota into signing the traders paper?

Henry Hastings Sibley (1811-1891), fur trader and eventual first governor of Minnesota, worked closely among the sub-division of “Sioux” Indians known as the Dakota. Sibley first aided in the development of what historian Richard White called a “Middle Ground,” a racially mixed and symbiotic society.

What was a US Indian agent?

In United States history, an Indian agent was an individual authorized to interact with Native American tribes on behalf of the government.

Why is Taliaferro pronounced Tolliver?

The pronunciation is in keeping with how many families with the name “Taliaferro” traditionally pronounce it. The pronunciation is “Tolliver” (rhyming with the common male name “Oliver”, IPA: /ˈtɒlɪvər/). Taliaferro County was formed by an act of the Georgia Legislature meeting in Milledgeville on December 24, 1825.

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