Frequent question: Who is Penelope in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian?

What is Penelope’s secret part time Indian?

When she first meets him in homeroom on the day he enters Reardan High, she makes fun of him. Their friendship and relationship is officially sealed, however, when Junior waits outside the bathroom door while Penelope is throwing up inside. It is clear that this is a secret she is hiding from everyone.

What does junior learn about Penelope?

Gordy. Junior’s best white friend. Gordy is the smartest kid at Reardan. Junior decides to make friends with Gordy after Gordy defends one of Junior’s answers in class against an (incorrect) teacher.

How are junior and Penelope different?

As the novel unfolds, we as readers see that the foundation of Junior and Penelope’s relationship is the fact that the two of them feel like outcasts: Junior is outwardly an outcast at Reardan because he is the only Indian student there, and Penelope is inwardly an outcast because she has an abusive father in a world …

Is Penelope anorexic in Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian?

The girl tells Junior to go away, but he leans against the wall and waits for the girl to come out. It’s Penelope. Junior says Penelope is anorexic. She says she is bulimic.

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What is Junior’s real name?

The main character’s full name is Arnold Spirit, Junior. We really only get to know Arnold Spirit, Sr. through his eyes. Junior describes him as “dad.” Since he is the narrator, we can only know Arnold’s father through what he says and how he refers to the other characters.

What is Penelope’s real dream?

Although generations of scholars have agreed with the hero’s interpretation, the present essay offers a different understanding: Penelope, having recognized who this “beggar” really is, has fabricated her dream of the 20 geese to test her husband and determine whether he is more interested in renewing their marriage or …

What does Arnold discover about Penelope?

Arnold tells Penelope not to give up. She starts crying and tells Arnold that she’s lonely and not as perfect and beautiful and intelligent as everyone thinks. Arnold finds all this talk weirdly sexy. (Hormones.)

Why does junior compare Penelope to his dad?

Why does Junior compare Penelope to his father? When she says “Im only bulimic when I’m throwing up.” It reminds him of his dad when he says “Im only an alcoholic when I get drunk.” They are both addicts with different releases. the most perfect girl in the world.

Why is junior friends with Penelope?

Because Penelope is popular, she and Junior get an invite as well, even though they’re only freshmen. Junior can’t pay for pancakes.