Frequent question: Who is called golden girl of India?

Is PT Usha married?

Who is known as Golden Boy?

Neeraj Chopra became India’s first track and field gold medal winner at Tokyo Olympics and become the second Indian to have won an individual gold medal at Olympics.

Who is known as UDAN Pari?

Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha (well known as P.T. Usha), also known as the Udan Pari/Golden Girl/Sprint Queen/Payyoli Express, has brought honour to the nation through excellent performance in International Sports Competitions viz.

Who is the gold medalist in India?

One such player is Neeraj Chopra who has bagged the first-ever gold medal in athletics for India in the Olympics. The last time India won a Gold medal was in the 2012 Olympics.

Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal.

Game Athlete Medal
Javelin throw Neeraj Chopra Gold

Who is called as Queen?

A queen is a woman who rules a country, because of inheritance. A queen usually comes to power after the death of the previous king or queen, who is her parent. A country that is ruled by a queen is called a kingdom – the same as a country ruled by a king. The wife of a king is also called a queen.

How is PT Usha related to Neeraj Chopra?

Despite PT Usha calling Neeraj Chopra her son, the two are not related. The term “son” is simply a term of endearment showing her affection for the young javelin ace. PT Usha does have one son with V. Srinivasan, who she married in 1991.

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