Did WhatsApp banned in India?

Has WhatsApp banned in India?

The accounts were banned between June 16 and July 31 to prevent online abuse and keeping users safe on the platform. WhatsApp took action against the violating accounts on the basis of the reports and complaints received through the grievances channels.

Is WhatsApp banned in India 2021?

Over 30 lakh Indian accounts had been suspended by WhatsApp between June 16 and July 21, 2021. Social media giants are required to file monthly reports under the new IT rules. Watch the full video for more.

Why WhatsApp is banned?

Previously, the Facebook-owned company had stated that more than 95% of the ban was due to the unauthorised use of automated or bulk messaging (spam). The global average number of accounts that WhatsApp bans to prevent abuse on its platform is about 8 million accounts per month.

Is WhatsApp ban right now?

WhatsApp banned over 3 million Indian accounts on the messaging service in the 46-day period from 16 June to 31 July 2021, the firm said in its second compliance report under the new Information Technology Rules, 2021. … “WhatsApp is an industry leader in preventing abuse, among end-to-end encrypted messaging services.

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Why is WhatsApp blocked in India?

Messaging platform WhatsApp banned over three million Indian accounts to prevent harmful behaviour and spam during the 46-day period from June 16 to July 31, 2021, according to the company’s monthly transparency report released on Tuesday.

Is WhatsApp banned in China?

Around the world, people use WhatsApp to send messages to their friends, family, and groups. But not in China. You see, the Chinese government blocked WhatsApp back in 2017.

How long is WhatsApp ban?

Generally these suspensions last 24 to 48 hours, or in severe cases they may be several days.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

What is the safest way to use GB WhatsApp? The answer to this question is clear: there isn’t one. There is no guarantee of privacy or security when you use this unofficial app.

Which is Indian app like WhatsApp?

Telegram is one of the most popular chat apps in India and made it as a best WhatsApp alternative messenger in India. Telegram users in India have come to take the benefit of the private cloud messaging system.

Is WhatsApp stopping in 2021?

2021 is about to end in the next three months and that means there is another cycle of WhatsApp ending support for some Android smartphones and iPhones. WhatsApp has shared a list of devices that will no longer support the WhatsApp messaging app starting November 1, 2021.

Which country banned WhatsApp recently?

Zambia restricted access to WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms, while voters in record numbers waited for as long as 10 hours to cast ballots in a tense presidential race.

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