Can you get cruise control on an Indian scout?

Does 2021 Indian Scout bobber have cruise control?

Although it’s not retail-ready just yet, an Electronic Cruise Control unit (w/ button controls) for the Scout and Scout Bobber has been made (and not by Polaris). It’s not available yet, so don’t bother Dr. Google.

Do Indian Motorcycles have cruise control?

Cruise control on your Indian Motorcycle can be set in gears 3 through 6. To set the cruise, the motorcycle’s speed must be greater than 20 mph (32 km/h). Note that the set speed will vary slightly when riding in hilly terrain.

What is the difference between Indian Scout and Scout 60?

The biggest difference (but not the only one) is that the Scout Bobber Sixty has a slightly smaller engine and makes a little less horsepower (but it’s also a little cheaper, and a great motorcycle for beginners). The Bobber Sixty also has more parts of the bike that are blacked out. Take some time to educate yourself.

Do modern motorcycles have cruise control?

Some of the newer motorcycles are available with a choice of simple cruise control or a more sophisticated technology called adaptive cruise control. Throttle locks are available from a variety of manufacturers if you decide that you want to add this feature to your motorcycle.

Does the FTR have cruise control?

Ride longer in comfort with cruise control standard.

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