Can UAE version phone be used in India?

Can I use phone from Dubai in India?

Yes you can use it with voLTE and SPay. Just flash Indian firmware on the firmware and you’re good to go.

Can we use Middle East version phone in India?

Yes, it will work in India. I have an iPhone from the middle-east and while Facetime isn’t available in UAE, it works fine in India.

Can I use international version phone in UAE?

Can you use “International iPhone versions” in the USA or UAE? Yes, you can use imported iPhone versions in the USA or UAE, as long as they are factory unlocked. … But in the USA, certain carriers only ran on GSM like T-Mobile and AT&T.

Does UAE version phones work in Pakistan?

They do not need to register the phone if they avail thesemlves of the roaming service while using the foreign country’s SIM card. For example, person travelling from the UAE to Pakistan can use the phone without registration — if he or she uses the UAE’s SIM card in Pakistan.

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What is the difference between UAE version and international version?

Q:What does UAE version means? A: Covered by one year Samsung warranty within uae and supports Arabic language. Rest all is same as any other international version.

Can we send iPhone from Dubai to India?

Yes it is safe to export a mobile from UAE to India through courier. All the couriers offer secured way of delivering the items from one country to another.

How can I use UAE phone in India?

UAE version means , product come thru official distributor channel and approved by TRA department of that region. It comes along with one year service warranty in UAE. Yes, you can use GSM sim card in INDIA.

Will a UAE phone work in USA?

The warranty is only valid in the country of purchase. iPhone offers international warranty . By the way question is not about warranty but about esim in Uae on USA bought phones . Devices sold in the US bought from Apple are locked to one of 4 carriers.

What is difference between international version and Middle East version?

Only difference is in HK variant both SIMs are physical rather than one physical and one eSIM. The reason there is a Middle East variant is due to the facetime restrictions imposed in some countries, other than that they are pretty much the same.

How do I know if my phone is international version?

Look in the menu system, it usually tells you somewhere – try something like “system settings”. Alternatively it will be written on the hardware somewhere, maybe if you take the battery out you’ll find a label.

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What is the difference between UAE version and international version PS4?

Q: What is difference between uae version and normal? There is absolutely no difference in PS4 bought from any country.

Can I install FaceTime on UAE iPhone?

No, FaceTime is not available for UAE iPhone users with iOS 13.6 update.