Can I come back to India after MS in Canada?

Can we come back to India after doing MS?

No matter what you do after completing your MS and returning to India – and we’ve seen people go into industry, join a completely different field, join the family business, start-up, go into research – the fact that you have a graduate degree acquired abroad will make a difference.

Is it good to move back to India from Canada?

Absolutely, if you feel you will be happier back home definitely go back. If you can get a job which will give you express entry points for at least 1 year that would be good to have.

Can I go to Canada after Masters in India?

Yes, you can go for an MBA program after completing your master’s from an Indian university. … Some universities in Canada can offer MBA programs without GMAT as well and these include the University of Canada West, Vancouver Island University, and Thompson River University.

Is MS valid in India?

No equivalence is granted to distance, correspondence or online international degrees. No equivalence is granted to degrees where students are admitted through pathway or diploma level institutions. AIU does not provide equivalence to professional degrees which allow their practice in India.

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Do MS students get job in India?

If you are a freshly minted MS or MBA graduate from a US university looking for a job in India without any prior experience, you are out of luck. Unfortunately, you will be considered as a Fresher with M. … It is not the best idea to compete against such large pool of Masters degree holders in India.

Is living in India better than Canada?

The cost of living in India is considerably lower than in Canada. … According to the researcher’s Cost of living in Canada, the comparative study is 168% more expensive than in India. However, Canada ranks 2nd amongst the countries with the highest quality of life.

How long can I stay in India after getting Canada PR?

Canadian PR Cards are valid for a 5 year period and allows you to freely travel outside of Canada during that 5 year period.

Do Canadian permanent residents need visa for India?

Canadian passport holders cannot get a visa on arrival in India. Instead, Canadian visitors are required to apply for a visa in advance.

Can we do MS twice?

you cannot do MA in same subject twice . Your second degree is valid. It becomes invalid only when you take different degrees from different universities on same year. You cannot take two masters in same years from different universities but in your case the years are different so it is valid.

Can we do MS from Canada?

MS in Canada is a 1-2 year postgraduate program offered as an academic or a professional degree. An MS in Canada is either a course-based program or a thesis-based program for higher studies in Canada.

MS in Canada Application Deadlines.

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University Deadline
McMaster University July 2
Universite de Montreal

Can I do MS from Canada?

Straightforward Admission, Immigration and Visa Process: The admission, immigration and visa process for Canada is simple and less arduous. After completion of the MS from Canada, you can easily get a work permit of 2-4 years and work in a sector that best suits you.