Best answer: Why India is obsessed with good marks?

Why are marks so important in India?

– The academic system in India gives an overwhelming importance to marks scored in exams. This over emphasis in marks scored in the exam has caused rote learning among a large section of students.

Why is India obsessed Maggie?

India has ordered tests on Maggi noodles after some were found to contain high levels of lead. … The “two-minute noodles” advertising campaign on state-run television with which Maggi launched itself turned out to be an instant attraction because of its liberating message for women.

Why is the Indian education system so stressful?

Indian Education System:

Students from the science stream face more stress because of very high competition in the entrance exams for different universities and colleges.

Why do Indian students leave the country?

These Indian emigrants have spread throughout Europe and North America, primarily, with many leaving to pursue higher education or better work opportunities. The Reserve Bank of India reports that more Indian students are studying abroad than ever before.

Why are Indian students so depressed?

India has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, among people aged 15 to 29 years. The major cause of depression among college students is stress. … “One of the reasons [for depression] no doubt is the high level of competition for admissions and then jobs that young students face.” For representation only.

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Is Indian education system tough?

The education system in India is too burdening on the child. … He has time table but the teachers don’t follow the time table and take periods as per their convenience hence children have to carry almost all books. The I.C.S.E syllabus is too tough.It is not matching the ability and the age of the child.