Best answer: Who won the most and who lost the most in the French and Indian War?

Who won most of the early battles of the French and Indian War?

After these two victories, the British control the entire western frontier. September 13, 1759: Quebec The British win the decisive Battle of Quebec. Montcalm and Wolfe, the commanding generals of both armies, perish in battle.

Who lost the French and Indian War quizlet?

Treaty between Britain, France, and Spain, which ended the Seven Years War or better known as The French and Indian War. France lost Canada, the land east of the Mississippi, some Caribbean islands and India to Britain.

Which of the following countries lost the most land in the French and Indian war?

What happened to the French claims after the French & Indian War? France lost all of its land in North America except a small portion of Canada and Haiti and some islands in the Caribbean.

What was the most important outcome of the French and Indian war?

The Most Important French Indian War outcome resulted in France’s loss of all its North American possessions east of the Mississippi, except Saint Pierre and Miquelon, (two small islands off Newfoundland). France recovered the Caribbean Islands and Martinique, which were formerly occupied by British.

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What was the first major defeat suffered by the French in the French and Indian War?

The French retained control of the Ohio Valley in the wake of their victory. As the first major battle of the French and Indian War, the Battle of the Monongahela, remembered as Braddock’s Defeat, ended in a shocking loss for the British Army and accelerated the conflict into a global war.

Why did the British win the French and Indian War?

Reasons for Britain’s Victory

Collaboration with colonial authorities: Pitt gave local authorities control over supplies and recruitment, paying them for their help, while the French struggled to get manpower and supplies. The French were however better at recruiting the Indians to fight with them. A better navy.

Why did the French lose the 7 Years war?

The Seven Years’ War ended with the signing of the treaties of Hubertusburg and Paris in February 1763. In the Treaty of Paris, France lost all claims to Canada and gave Louisiana to Spain, while Britain received Spanish Florida, Upper Canada, and various French holdings overseas.