You asked: Who lives on Indian Island Florida?

Where is billionaires island in Florida?

Inside Miami’s High-Security Billionaire Bunker – Indian Creek Island. Located on a barrier island on the outskirts of Biscayne Bay, sits a gorgeous Island shrouded in exclusivity and extreme wealth. Indian Creek Island is filed with billion dollar views, Brazilian teak docks, 100+ foot yachts, and extreme security.

Can you visit Indian Creek Island?

One of the 30 homes on Indian Creek Island

Privacy is fundamental, as visitors aren’t encouraged. Access to Indian Creek requires crossing a fortified bridge and appointments are definitely necessary. There are approximately 40 lots on Indian Creek Island and an estimated 30 residences.

Did Ivanka Trump buy Julio Iglesias House?

Julio Iglesias

The Spanish singer-songwriter, one of the most successful recording artists in history, had listed one of his Indian Creek lots in early 2020 before Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump eventually purchased it in December.

Who is the richest family in Florida?

Locally, Carol Jenkins Barnett, daughter of Publix Super Markets founder George Jenkins, landed as Central Florida’s richest person and No. 32 in the state. The 64-year-old heir to Lakeland-based Publix landed at No. 1,249 worldwide with a net worth of $2.5 billion.

Is Indian Creek gated?

Indian Creek Island is home to 40 or so lots and only around 30 residences. The entire development is private and gated with its own police force and an armed marine patrol that circles the island 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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