You asked: Which is the most badass and feared regiment of the Indian Army?

Which is the fearless regiment in Indian Army?

11 Gorkha Rifles was raised after independence by a Tripartite Agreement between Govt of India, Nepal and Britain on 09 Nov 1947.

Which regiment fought in Kargil?

Conflict events

Date (1999) Event
4 July Three Indian regiments (Sikh, Grenadiers and Naga) engage elements of the remaining Pakistani Northern Light Infantry regiment in the Battle of Tiger Hill. The region is recaptured by Indian forces after more than 12 hours of fighting.

Who is the best soldier in India?

Vikram Batra was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military honour on 15 August 1999, the 52nd anniversary of India’s independence.

Who can join Gorkha?

The British Army recruits approximately 300 – 400 individuals every year. In order to apply you must be Nepalese (Nepalese birth certificate) and live in Nepal.

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