You asked: Which hotels are owned by Indian Hotels?

Which of the following hotel is owned by Indian company?

The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) is an Indian hospitality company that manages a portfolio of hotels, resorts, jungle safaris, palaces, spas and in-flight catering services. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group conglomerate.

Indian Hotels Company Limited.

Type Public

Which hotels are owned by Tata?

Currently, IHCL operates four brands – Taj (in luxury segment); Vivanta by Taj (in the upper upscale category); Gateway (for the upscale segment) and Ginger (in the economy segment). Gateway Hotels, a full-service hotel brand, forms around 8-9% of Taj Group’s overall business.

Are Vivanta and Taj same?

The result of this new re-branding exercise will be that all the 53 Vivanta by Taj hotels and Gateway hotels globally will be merged into the Taj brand. The Gateway was launched by Taj in the year 2008 and Vivanta was introduced in 2010 as an upscale premium brand.

Who is owner of Tata?

How many hotels does Tata have?

Financial Highlights FY21

No. Label 2020-21 (Rs crore)
2 EBITDA -197
3 PAT -720
4 Hotels 221
5 Rooms 27,604
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