You asked: Is the West Indies in India?

Are the Indies part of India?

In a second, larger sense, East Indies refers to the Malay Archipelago (including the Philippines), which now is more commonly called insular (or archipelagic) Southeast Asia. Finally, in its broadest context, the term East Indies encompasses the foregoing plus all of mainland Southeast Asia and India.

Is West Indies a country or not?

The West Indies is not one country. … The West Indies comprises 15 English speaking countries and territories in the Caribbean that play under a common banner.

What race is West Indian?

The vast majority of non-Hispanic West Indian Americans are of African Afro-Caribbean descent, with the remaining portion mainly multi-racial and Indo-Caribbean people, especially in the Guyanese, Trinidadian and Surinamese communities, where people of Indo-Caribbean descent make up a significant portion of the …

What is the difference between West Indian and Indian?

“West Indian” eventually took on three meanings: one referring to the Caribbean as a whole, another to the country of West Indies and yet another for the Native American populations of North America. … So Indians from India were East Indians, where people from West Indies were West Indians.”

Where are the West and East Indies?

The West Indies include the islands of the Caribbean and the East Indies are the is- lands of Southeast Asia. The only similari- ties between the regions are their names, their numerous islands and their tropical climates.

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Is West Indies and Caribbean the same?

West Indies epitomises all that made cricket such a wonderful way of life (till T20 cut it short). … Caribbean is the term most politically correct social scientists and historians would use to denote the 7,000-odd islands that lie in the Caribbean Sea area — West Indies was a term coined by colonising European powers.

Is the West Indies part of the United States?

The Virgin Islands are also part of the West Indies, and as Puerto Rico, they are a territory of the United States. Since Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are part of the United States, if you are American, you do not even have to leave the country to visit the West Indies.

Why is the Caribbean called the West Indies?

The islands in the Caribbean are also sometimes referred to as the West Indies. Christopher Columbus thought he had reached the Indies (Asia) on his voyage to find another route there. … The Caribbean was named the West Indies to account for Columbus’ mistake.