You asked: Can we buy revenue land in Bangalore?

Is it good to buy revenue site in Bangalore?

There are no particular risks of buying revenue land. … Even after that, you will have to get it converted to non-agricultural land for residential or commercial use. This is a tedious process and in order to avoid this it is advisable to buy ‘converted land’ for residential purpose.”

Can I buy revenue land?

As per revenue rules of Karnataka, revenue land without conversion can be measured only in guntas; and only an agriculturist can buy land in guntas. … From agricultural use, the land can be converted to residential or commercial use.

Is it OK to buy revenue site?

A land situated in the green belt, meant for agriculture, can be changed and used for residential purpose, only after getting due approval by the concerned DC. Else, buying a revenue site will only serve the purpose of investment. You cannot build a home there without DC conversion.

Is revenue site registration open in Bangalore 2020?

BENGALURU: In a move that would spell trouble for thousands of revenue site owners, the government has stopped registering sites with no khatas. It has now made digitised khata – generated using the e-Swathu software from competent authority – mandatory for the registration of properties across the state.

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Can I construct house on revenue site?

BENGALURU: The state government has banned sale and purchase of revenue sites registered outside the municipal corporation after 2013. … For instance, if anyone bought a revenue site after 2013 in Rajanakunte or Nelamangala on the outskirts of Bengaluru, they can neither sell/purchase the site nor build a house.

Can we convert revenue site to DC?

Under Section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, it has become important for the occupant or owner of the land to apply to the DC. This is known as DC Conversion and may be withdrawn or cancelled if the stated property, according to the DC office, is found as agricultural land and should be treated as such.

Can we buy DC converted land in Bangalore?

DC Conversion is a legal process to convert agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes in Karnataka. The converted non-agricultural land can be used for residential or commercial or industrial purposes. … The owner can obtain an A Khata Certificate if the land is DC Converted.

Can we sell B Khata property in Bangalore?

It is a false myth that one cannot sell the property without ‘A” Katha. Most of the properties in Bangalore are having ‘B’ Katha.

Can we buy non DC converted land in Bangalore?

D C conversion is mandatory for procuring A khatha. Non Agricultural use of land that has not gone through DC Conversion is not a good idea. This is because such properties will not be able to obtain an “A Khata Certificate” from the Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

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What is revenue property?

An income property is purchased or developed to earn income by renting or leasing it out to others or through price appreciation. Income properties may be both commercial and residential. Owners should have a financial cushion to pay for repairs, maintenance, and other costs such as property taxes in case of emergency.

Can we buy panchayat approved plot in Bangalore?

Both of them are panchayat approved layouts. … They are saying it will fall under BBMP limits soon.

Can we buy green belt land Bangalore?

Hi, when the property is situated in green built area government will not allow any construction in green belt area and all the construction is become illegal constructions. 2. It is better you can’t purchase such a land in Bangalore. … The said construction may be ordered to be demolished by the green court later on.