Why is fish curry not a popular dish in North India?

Why fish curry is not popular in North India?

Answer: as in North India there is no source of sea food so they don’t eat sea food much…that is why it is not popular there…

Does North Indians eat fish?

In the North, the starch is unleavened bread, such as chapati (a flat griddle bread). People in the North tend to eat more wheat and maize, which are easily available and made into bread. … The most commonly eaten meats are chicken, mutton, and fish. A rice-based sweet usually signifies the end of a meal.

Which state is famous for fish curry?

West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and the North Eastern states form the heart of fish delicacies in the country. West Bengal and Orissa boast of Maccher Jhol, a white fish stew liberally seasoned with turmeric, garlic, onions and ginger.

What is curry called in India?

And a Recipe for Garam Masala. When I was a kid I was always confused by the word “curry” because my non-Indian friends used it in a way that didn’t make any sense to me.

Is fish popular in India?

Fishing in India is a major industry employing 14.5 million people. India ranks second in aquaculture and third in fisheries production. Fisheries contributes to 1.07% of the Total GDP of India. … India has 7,516 kilometres (4,670 mi) of marine coastline, 3,827 fishing villages and 1,914 traditional fish landing centers.

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Which fish is best for Indian curry?

There are a variety of fishes that is used for preparing the fish curry. For preparing a delicious Meen Kozhambu, generally they use the korameena or black sole which taste extremely good. Other fishes like the Mackerel or sardines varieties are also used. Mackerel and sardines are very common fishes around the world.

Which fish in USA is good for Indian curry?

Best Fish for Curry

  • Spanish mackerel (king mackerel in the USA is very similar) – this is what I used, excellent value.
  • tilapia.
  • snapper.
  • barramundi.
  • cod (all types)
  • mahi-mahi.
  • halibut.
  • basa.