Why do Indian parents hate love?

Do Indian parents make promise to their children?

Yes, Indian parents often make promises to their children. The promises mainly involve buying new toys or expensive gifts or taking them on vacations if they score good marks in exams or behave well. 2.

Why are Indian parents so obsessed with marks?

Regardless, Indian parents and society are completely obsessed with their children’s scores. … Because the higher the score their kid is able to score, the more capable and intelligent they’re considered to be. It’s a competition in the society and a thing to be very proud of, score.

Why do Indian parents live with their kids?

The main reason Indian parents prefer sons is that Indians expect to depend on them in their old age. More than three-fourths (77 percent) of the respondents said they expect to live with their sons when old. … As many as 74 percent of Indians expect sons to support them financially during old age.

Why do Indian parents prefer sons?

Common wisdom is that the preference for sons is motivated by economic, religious, social and emotional desires and norms that favor males and make females less desirable: Parents expect sons—but not daughters—to provide financial and emotional care, especially in their old age; sons add to family wealth and property …

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Why do parents break their promises?

Building Trust: When parents do not keep their promises, they are unintentionally teaching their kids not to trust them. Parents generally make promises to encourage their child to do better. Once it is achieved, they will break their promise. … If a parent is not true to their word, they are not showing integrity.