Why did the Indian population decrease in 1921?

Why did India’s population decrease in 1921?

The year 1921 is often referred to as the “Year of the Great Divide,” the last period in which India’s population declined, due to the effects of famine. … Should the birth rate in India’s heavily populated and higher-fertility northern states not decline smoothly, the number added could rise yet again.

Why did India’s population grows slowly between 1901 and 1921?

The high birth rate was counterbalanced by high death rate. The progressive growth rate in 1921 over 1901 was only 5.42 per cent. … The high mortality during this period was the product of large scale abnormal deaths due to epidemics of influenza, plague, small pox, cholera, etc.

Why is 1921 called the Year of Great Divide?

The year 1921 is known as the demographic divide for the reason that before this year, the population was not constant, sometimes it increased and at other times it decreased. … Hence the year 1921 is rightly called the demographic divide or year of great divide.

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Why is 1921 a special year in the demographic history of India?

i. Year 1921 was known as demographic divide because there was decrease is decrease there is decrease in death rate and increase in birth rate. … During the 30 years of period 1951 – 81 due to decrease in death rate the population growth rate led to the population explosion.

What are the causes of great population explosion in India after 1921?

5 Main Causes of Population Growth in India – Explained!

  • Widening Gap between Birth and Death Rates: …
  • Low Age at Marriage: …
  • High Illiteracy: …
  • Religious Attitude towards Family Planning: …
  • Other Causes:

In which decade did the Indian population decreased?

India’s decadal population growth rate, i.e., the rate at which the population grows in one decade, has also been decelerating from 24.7% during 1971-81 to 17.7% in 2001-2011.

What are the causes of declining growth of population in India since 1991?

The population growth rate in India started declining gradually after 1981 due to the following reasons: Control over birth rate because of the creation of awareness among people by the Government policies. Rising rate of literacy among the people.

How did the population of India change during the period 1951 2001?

During the period of 30 years between 1961 to 1991, population has increased by 40 crore. … It signifies that after 1951 growth rate of population was very high. According to 2001 census, population of India touched 102 crore. Currently, growth rate of population in India is 1.9 percent per annum.

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Why the population increased continuously after Indian independence?

After Independence, the population of India has grown significantly. In India the rate of birth has always been on the higher side because of lack of an understanding of family planning in addition to illiteracy. The rise of the population is a result of an improvement in birth rates and better health facilities etc.