Why did many European companies wanted to trade with India?

Why did Europe want to trade with India?

The Europeans were keen to trade with India because she was a centre of wealth. She was exporting textiles to major nations in the world. The European nations were already spending a fortune on buying Indian products (textiles, spices etc) and thus wanted to minimise their expenditures.

Why did traders came to India?

The British East India Company came to India as traders in spices, a very important commodity in Europe back then as it was used to preserve meat. Apart from that, they primarily traded in silk, cotton, indigo dye, tea and opium. They landed in the Indian subcontinent on August 24, 1608, at the port of Surat.

How did European companies trade with India?

The French. The last European power who enter India was the French. They formed their trading company in 1664. They set up trading centers at Surat, Masulipatnam, Chandranagore, and Mahe.

Why did European traders establish trade companies?

The European trading companies set up trade centres in coastal areas because at that time trade through sea was convenient to export and import goods and items at a low price. And at the same time, they sell those goods in Europe at higher prices.

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Why did European trading companies come to India Class 8?

European trading companies were looking for new lands from which they could buy goods at a cheap price and carry them back to Europe to sell at higher prices. … These were the reasons that attracted European trading companies to India.

What are European trading companies in India?

Dutch. Dutch are from Holland or Netherlands. They established United East India Company in 1602 with the aim of doing business with eastern countries and entered countries like India, Java, Sumatra, Indonesia and spices rich islands.

What attracted European trading companies to India Brainly?

Answer: The fine qualities of cotton and silk produced in India had a big market in Europe. Spices like Pepper, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon too were in great demand. These were the reasons that attracted European trading companies to India.

For what purpose did European trading companies come to India in the sixteenth century?

Answer: They came in India in order to trade. they bought raw materials from India like Cotton at cheap price and make product out of it in their country and sell in India at higher prices…