Who is the CEO of Indian bank?

Who is the director of Indian Bank?

Ashwani Kumar has assumed charge as Executive Director of Indian Bank. A chartered accountant, postgraduate in commerce and a certified member of Indian Institute of Bankers, Mr. Kumar was Chief General Manager of Mumbai Zone at Punjab National Bank.

Who is the owner of HDFC bank?

Who started Indian bank?

Current period

Indicators 31 March of
2005 2009
Population per Banks (in thousands) 16 15
Aggregate Deposits ₹17,002 billion (US$230 billion) ₹38,341 billion (US$510 billion)
Bank Credit ₹11,004 billion (US$150 billion) ₹27,755 billion (US$370 billion)

Where is the headquarter of Indian bank?

Who is the highest paid CEO of Indian banks currently?

Let’s take a look at the highest paid executives in the private sector banks. Aditya Puri, who retired as Managing Director and CEO of HDFC Bank last year, continues to top the list. He received compensation of Rs 13.8 crore during the year 2020-21, including post retirement benefits of Rs 3.38 crore.

Who is All India bank manager?


Mahesh Kumar Bajaj General Manager
P Venkatesa Perumal General Manager
Padmaja Chunduru Managing Director & CEO
Rohit Rishi General Manager

Who is MD and CEO of Bob?

Bank of Baroda on Monday said Shanti Lal Jain would cease to be its executive director from September due to his appointment as the MD & CEO of Indian Bank.

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