Who introduced English language in India?

Who introduced English in India and why?

English came to India with British people. England ruled over India for about two hundred years. Lord Macaulay established the new education system in India with the view to prepare people who by cast, creed and colour were Indians but by Language, thinking, manners were like British people.

Who introduce English as official language?

English-language public instruction began in India in the 1830s during the rule of the British East India Company (India was then, and is today, one of the most linguistically diverse regions of the world). In 1835, English replaced Persian as the official language of the East India Company.

Who introduced English medium in Indian schools?

His ideas discredited Indian culture, language and literature even as its assumptions of moral superiority authorised and justified the presence of the British in India. The current system of education, was introduced and funded by the British in the 19th century, following recommendations by Thomas Babington Macaulay.

Who is mother of English?

Her works have been translated into more than 50 languages.

Virginia Woolf
Woolf in 1902
Born Adeline Virginia Stephen25 January 1882 South Kensington, London, England
Died 28 March 1941 (aged 59) Lewes, East Sussex, England
Occupation Novelist essayist publisher critic
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