Who found an ocean route to India?

Who Killed Vasco da Gama?

Vasco da Gama immediately invoked his high viceregent powers to impose a new order in Portuguese India, replacing all the old officials with his own appointments. But Gama contracted malaria not long after arriving, and died in the city of Cochin on Christmas Eve in 1524, three months after his arrival.

Who helped Vasco da Gama find India?

Vasco da Gama reportedly took Kanji Malam onboard at Malindi in East Africa, and since Kanji Malam had excellent knowledge of the sea route to India, he could guide Vasco da Gama to Calicut, also known as ‘Kozhikode’ in the present day.

Who discovered a new sea route and when?

Vasco Da Gama discovered the sea route to India in the year 1498. On 20th May, 1498, two years after he set his sail from Lisbon, Portugal, Vasco da Gama arrived on the Western sea coast of India at Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala.

Who was the first Englishman to India by sea route?

Notes: Thomas Stephens was the first Englishman to reach India, at least by sea route. He sailed for India on a Portuguese ship as a Jesuit missionary on 4th April 1579 and landed at Goa six months later, on 24th october.

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