Which was the pre colonial ports of India?

Which one is the pre colonial port?


Which were the pre colonial parts of India?

The Age of Industrialisation

  • Surat and Bombay.
  • Calcutta and Hoogly.
  • Surat and Hoogly.
  • Bombay and Calcutta.

Which port was eminent and pre colonial in India?

Surat was an eminent Pre-colonial Port. Explanation: Surat was on the ‘Gujarat Coast’. It connected India to the gulf countries and the red seaports.

Which among these was a pre colonial sea port Class 10?

Class 10 Question

Hooghly in Bengal. Explanation: The conjunction of commercial and economic wealth with political and administrative power, typical of Europe’s major cities was rare in pre-colonial India. Colonial ports like Calcutta were the first such examples.

Which two ports grew during the colonial rule?

It was Bombay and Calcutta that grew in importance during colonial period.

Which of the following port lost its importance under colonial rule?

Surat was the Indian port which lost its importance during the colonial period. As the European companies gradually gained power by secuing a variety of concession from local courts and acquiring the monopoly rights of trade. Hope this helps!

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Which pre-colonial port connected India to the Gulf countries and the Red Sea ports?

Surat on the Gujarat coast connected India to the Gulf and Red Sea Ports; Masulipatam on the Coromandel coast and Hoogly in Bengal had trade links with Southeast Asian ports.

What was the role of Gomasthas?

For this purpose they appointed paid servants called the gomasthas were employed who would obtain goods and from local weavers and fix their prices. … They would also supervise weavers, collect supplies, and examine the quality of cloth. They also prevented Company weavers from dealing with other buyers.

Was the main Centre of British in western India?

Surat and Bombay was the main centre of British in western India.