Which wall paint is best in India?

Which is best paint for interior walls?

If you are wondering which paint is best for home, then consider emulsion. It is the most popular variety of paint for home interiors. It is essentially water-based paint, so it does not have the problem of having any odour.

Which paint is good for home?

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Best Paint for Home in India Headquarter Available on
Asian Paints Mumbai Amazon
Nerolac Paints Mumbai, India Amazon
Berger Paints West Bengal, India Amazon
Jotun Paints Surat, India On Website

Which is the No 1 paint company in India?

7. Shalimar Paints Ltd

No Company Name
1 Asian Paints Ltd
2 Berger Paints India Ltd
3 Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd
4 Akzo Nobel India Ltd

Which paint is costly in India?

Price of different types of paint available. Cost of labour. Price of putty.


Cost of Interior Painting Rs 12 – Rs 35 per sq. ft.
Cost of Distemper From Rs 8 per sq. ft.
Cost of Emulsion From Rs 12 per sq. ft.
Cost of Texture Paint From Rs 80 per sq. ft.
Cost of Single Colour Painting From Rs 20 per sq. ft.
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