Which vegetable is called king of vegetables in India?

Which is the famous vegetable in India?

Vegetable origins

Vegetable Hindi name Origin
Moringa India
Okra Bhindi Highlands of Ethiopia and india
Onion Pyaaz India
Potato Aloo South America (Peru/Bolivia)

Who is queen of vegetables?

Famous Name of Crops For Agri Exams

Famous Name Crops
King of vegetables Potato
Queen of vegetables Okra
King of spices Black Pepper
Queen of spices Cardamom

Why is potato the king of vegetables?

Individuals who consumed potatoes (baked, boiled and roasted) had higher intakes of potassium and vitamin C and consumed more total vegetables in a day compared to those who did not consume potatoes.

What are the 10 best vegetables?

What are the most healthful vegetables?

  1. Spinach. Share on Pinterest Andersen Ross/Getty Images. …
  2. Kale. Kale is a very popular leafy green vegetable with several health benefits. …
  3. Broccoli. …
  4. Peas. …
  5. Sweet potatoes. …
  6. Beets. …
  7. Carrots. …
  8. Fermented vegetables.

Which state is largest producer of vegetable?

During the fiscal year 2018, Uttar Pradesh produced the largest share of vegetables in India, accounting for 15.4 percent. West Bengal came in second that year at 15 percent.

Which is the most Favourite vegetable in India?


  • We all know there’s no dish complete without flavours and taste of onion in it.
  • Not only does it rank 1st as the most consumed vegetable in the country, but also India is the 2nd largest producer and exporter of onion all over the world.
  • Onion can also be consumed in its raw form and comes with various benefits.
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What do you call Sabzi in English?

nf. sabji countable noun. A sabji is an Indian dish made with vegetables. sabzi countable noun. A sabzi is the same as a sabji.