Which state of India has the most mineral?

Which state of India has rich mineral resources?

At the state level, the top five mineral rich States are Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jharkhand, and Tamil Nadu.

Which state has highest mineral?

First Ranked States in Mineral Production

Mineral/Metal State
Barytes Andhra Pradesh
Diamond Madhya Pradesh
Copper Ore Madhya Pradesh
Gold Karnataka

Which state is mineral state of India?

Shakeel Anwar

Mineral/ Metal/ Non Metal State
Corundum (source of ruby, sapphire) Maharashtra
Rock Salt Himachal Pradesh
Crude Oil Gujarat
Natural Gas Assam / Nagaland

Which part of India has more minerals?

Most of the metallic minerals in India occur in the peninsular plateau region in the old crystalline rocks. Over 97 per cent of coal reserves occur in the valleys of Damodar, Sone, Mahanadi and Godavari.

Which is the richest mine state in India?

Jharkhand is the richest State of India from the point of view of minerals. This is the correct answer.

Which state has the largest mineral reserves in India?

Statewise, Odisha tops the total resources with 44% share followed by Karnataka 22%, Madhya Pradesh 13%, Maharashtra 8%, Andhra Pradesh 4% and Jharkhand & Goa 3% each. Rajasthan, Gujarat and West Bengal together shared about 3% of the total resources.

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Where are minerals found in India?

Minerals found in the different regions in India

Mineral Belt Geographic Location
South Western Belt Karnataka and Goa.
North Western Belt Rajasthan and Gujarat along the Aravali Range.
Southern Belt Karnataka plateau and Tamil Nadu .
Central Belt Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.