Which pipeline network is important in India?

Which is the most important pipelines in India?

Some of the important pipelines are briefly described as under:

  • Naharkatia-Nunmati-Barauni Pipeline: …
  • Mumbai High-Mumbai-Ankleshwar-Kayoli Pipeline: …
  • Salaya-Koyali-Mathura Pipeline: …
  • Hajira-Bijapur-Jagdishpur (HBJ) Gas Pipeline: …
  • Jamnagar-Loni LPG Pipeline: …
  • Kandla-Bhatinda Pipeline:

Which is the longest pipeline network in India?

The Hajira-Bijaipur-Jagdishpur (HBJ) Gas Pipeline: Having a length of 1750 km, this is the longest pipeline of India.

What is the importance of pipelines in India?

(i) Transport of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas from oil and natural gas fields to refineries, fertiliser factories and big thermal power plants is done with the help of pipelines. (ii) Even solids can be transported through pipelines when converted into slurry.

What are the 3 main pipeline network of India?

There are three important networks of pipeline transportation in the country. (i) From oil field in upper Assam to Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), via Guwahati, Barauni and Allahabad. (ii) From Salaya in Gujarat to Jalandhar in Punjab, via Viramgam, Mathura, Delhi and Sonipat.

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Which is the longest pipeline connect?

Answer: This 1,269 km long pipeline has been constructed by Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) at the cost of Rs. 1,250 crore. It connects Jamnagar in Gujarat to Loni near Delhi in U.P. and passes through the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and U.P.

Which state has a network of CNG pipelines?


Sl No. State CNG Stations as on 30.11.2020
10 Haryana 137
11 Haryana & Himachal Pradesh* 2
12 Haryana & Punjab* 4
13 Himachal Pradesh 1

When was the first pipeline built in India?

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the completion of the 450-kilometre-long Kochi-Mangaluru pipeline, Modi said, “The first interstate natural gas pipeline of the country was commissioned in 1987, and by 2014, India had 15,000 kilometres of natural gas pipeline built.

How many gas pipelines are there in India?

Ongoing Cross Country Pipeline Projects

S No. Projects Length (in Km)
7 Dhamra Haldia Pipeline (DHPL) 253
8 Sultanpur- Jhajjar-Hissar Pipeline (SJHPL) 135
9 Haridwar-Rishikesh-Dehradun Pipeline (HRDPL) 50
Total 5712

How are the pipeline network is important for transportation?

Pipeline transportation has numerous advantages such as flexibility, complete automation of loading and unloading operations, flexibility, low operating costs, and environmental friendliness. Pipelines are ideal for unidirectional flow of goods and inflationary influences have minimal effect on the transport cost.

What is pipeline network?

A pipeline network is a collection of elements such as pipes, compressors, pumps, valves, regulators, heaters, tanks, and reservoirs interconnected in a specific way. Pipeline networks constitute major bulk carriers for crude oil, natural gas, water, and petroleum products.

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What is the full form of ONGC?

ONGC – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited.

What is the full form of CNG?

CNG and LNG as Alternative Transportation Fuels

Two forms of natural gas are currently used in vehicles: compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).