Which LPG gas company is best in India?

Which is the best LPG company in India?

Top 10 Largest Oil And Gas Companies in India

  1. Indian Oil Corporation.
  2. ONGC. …
  3. Bharat Petroleum. …
  4. Reliance Petroleum Limited. …
  5. Essar Oil Limited. …
  6. Cairn India. …
  7. Gas Authority of India. …
  8. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. …

Is HP and indane same?

There is no difference in the indane gas and HP gas regulator as both the regulator are manufactured by LPG equipment research center, and they are made up of same material, there allowable limits are same, thus there is no physical difference in the regulators of any Gas service provider.

Which LPG gas provide on Amazon?

Amazon is now offering a cashback on LPG cylinder purchases. Indian Oil announced in a tweet that if you buy an Indane LPG cylinder for the first time from Amazon, you’ll get a Rs 50 cashback. Amazon also accepts payments for Indane, Bharat Gas, and HP Gas 14.2 kg cylinders.

Is indane government or private?

Indane (LPG)

Product type LPG
Owner Indian Oil Corporation, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India
Country India
Introduced 1965
Markets India

Which gas provider is the best?

Best Electricity & Gas Providers

  • Lumo Energy.
  • Dodo.
  • GloBird Energy.
  • EnergyAustralia.
  • Simply Energy.
  • Origin Energy.
  • AGL.
  • ActewAGL.
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Can I transfer from indane to HP?

The customer would then have to approach the distributor of the gas company he is switching to and submit the transfer request. … Indane Gas, Bharat gas as well as HP Gas now allow an online method to transfer a gas connection among them without having to cancel the existing connection and re-apply for one.

How can I get more Indane gas cylinder?

Indane has come up with a mobile App for Android and iOS and customers can directly download the mobile app to register a request for refill cylinder and also to place request for a second gas cylinder. The customer just has to enter details like the consumer number, distributor details and other contact information.

How can I get indane customer ID?

Visit www.indane.co.in.

To find your LPG ID with mobile, Aadhaar or consumer number, use Quick Search and follow the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Enter your mobile, Aadhaar or consumer number (with Distributor Name)
  2. Enter the text shown in the image captcha.
  3. Click proceed.
  4. Your 17 Digit LPG ID will be displayed on screen.

How can I book Bharat gas online?

You can visit https://my.ebharatgas.com/bharatgas/BookCylinder/Index and book your refill online using your login credentials. If you are a new user, you will be asked to register. You will be asked for your LPG consumer number and your phone number to register you as a user.

Can we pay Bharat gas online?

Make An Online Payment to Bharat Gas through “Quickpay” Option. You can make a payment for your Bharatgas cylinder on their official website using the “Quick Pay” option. Once you book a cylinder, you can choose under the “Payment Mode” to choose cash on delivery or online payment.

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