Which language people are more in Bangalore?

Which two languages are generally spoken in Bangalore?

Tamil the second most spoken language, after Kannada in the city of Bangalore in Karnataka, India. There are two main dialects of Tamil spoken in Bangalore – the Tigala dialect and bhovi dialect.

Is Hindi used in Bangalore?

Other than English, the top languages spoken in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka are Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Konkani, Saurashtri, Hindi and Malayalam, according to 2011 census. … Of the 6.1 crore people in the state, 40% speak two languages, while 13% speak more than two languages.

Is Bengali spoken in Bangalore?

Bangalore, May 20: The various social and cultural organizations of Barak Valley in Assam have hailed the decision of the Karnataka government to declare Bengali as the second language in the state.

Is it easy to learn Kannada?

Kannada is a very simple yet rich language. If you have real interest in the language, it is possible to speak reasonable Kannada within one month, with a very little effort. The first step is to get familiarised with the structure of the language.

Which is the second most spoken language in Karnataka?

Kannada, one of the classical languages of India, is the most widely spoken and official language of the state. Other minority languages spoken include Urdu, Konkani, Marathi, Tulu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kodava and Beary.

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Population (2011)
• Total 61,130,704
• Rank 8th
• Density 320/km2 (830/sq mi)

How many kannadigas are there in Bangalore?

The population of local Kannadigas in Bangalore is less than 41%. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city with around 25% Tamilians, 14% Telugites, 10% Keralites, 8% Europeans, and 6% a mixture of all races.

Bangalore Population.

Year Population
2035 18,065,541

How many languages are there in Karnataka?

Of the 50 languages that are spoken in Karnataka, eight are potentially endangered and two critical endangered, according to a survey conducted by the Peoples’ Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI), an organisation that is conducting a nation-wide survey of Indian languages.

Is Kannada and Telugu same?

Telugu is the native language of the people of Andhra Pradesh which is one of the Dravidian languages. … Kannada script bears resemblance to the Telugu script, and the two of them have a common ancestry in the old Telugu-Kannada script. Kannada language is closer to Tamil and Malayalam than Telugu language and script.