Which is the best Indian mango?

Which country produces best mangoes?

Though India is the largest producer of mangoes, it accounts for less than 1% of the international mango trade; India consumes most of its own production. Other major mango-producing countries in total tonnage produced in 2020 are Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

What is Pakistani mango?

Chaunsa (Urdu: چونسا ; Hindi: चौंसा), also known as chausa, is a mango cultivar indigenous to South Asia. It is grown mainly in Pakistan and some parts of India; both countries export significant quantities of the fruit.

Is Alphonso and Badami same?

Badami and Alphonso are one and the same.” says Mukund. Badami is the local name for Alphonso. It grows mostly in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka – Eight percent of mango growing area produces Alphonso. The sub-variety grown in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra is the best- and the costliest.

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