Which Indian winds bring rain?

Which wind brings rain in most part of India?

The monsoon winds bring rainfall in India. It is important because agriculture in India is dependent on rains.

Which winds bring rainfall in India Why is?

The monsoon winds bring rainfall in India. In India, agriculture is dependent on rain.

What are monsoon winds 7?

Answer: The cool winds that blow from the surface of the sea towards the land which carries the rains are called monsoon winds. A violent disturbance that occurs in the atmosphere accompanied by high speed winds and rains that result when airs of different masses meet is called storm.

What is North East monsoon in India?

Unlike the Indian Summer Monsoon, Northeast monsoon spans for 3 months (Oct-Nov-Dec) and covers merely 5 sub divisions of South India : Kerala & Mahe, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry & Karaikal, Coastal Andhra Pradesh & Yanam, Rayalaseema and South Interior Karnataka.

Which winds bring rain to Gujarat?

Southern Gujarat and the hilly regions receive heavy rainfall during the monsoons with high humidity which makes the air feel hotter. There is relief when the monsoon season starts (around mid June). The day temperatures are lowered to around 35 °C (95 °F) but humidity is very high and nights are around 27 °C (81 °F).

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Which winds bring rain in Mumbai?

The North East Monsoon winds bring maximum rainfall to the city.

Which winds bring rainfall to Coromandel coast?

The withdrawing monsoon, also known as the S.E Monsoon, brings rain to the coast of Coromandel, especially Tamil Nadu.

Which monsoon winds bring heavy rainfall in India?

– The heavy plumes during the Southwestern Monsoon season are thought to be due to intense convective activity from westerly monsoons, and to the presence of tropical cyclones (TC). Therefore, Monsoon winds from the Southwest bring heavy precipitation to Cherrapunji. 2.